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Beyond Words: The Influence of Body Language

Body language can have an extreme effect on how your communication is received. It has the power to strengthen our message – or undermine it entirely.

The Power of Stay Interviews: Nurturing Employee Engagement and Retention

Stay interviews are structured conversations between employees and their managers that focus on identifying and addressing factors influencing an employee's decision to stay with the organization.

Hire Veterans: The Untapped Potential

By hiring veterans, companies can gain a competitive edge, improve workplace dynamics, and foster a culture of excellence.

The Art of Swift Feedback: A Key to Successful Collaboration with Staffing Firms

Swift candidate feedback is the cornerstone of a strong partnership between hiring managers and staffing firms.

The Halo Effect: Interviewing Under the Influence

The Halo Effect is a powerful cognitive bias that can impact how an interview is viewed - both by the interviewer and interviewee.
SMART Goals Acronym on a napkin with coffee

The SMART Way to Set Goals

By incorporating SMART elements into your goal-setting process, you can enhance your focus, increase motivation, and pave the way for success

Finance Roles In The Healthcare Industry

Explore the education, experience, responsibilities, and benefits associated with accounting and finance roles in the healthcare industry.

The Power of Smaller Staffing Firms

Explore the advantages of partnering with a small firm that takes the time to understand your company's goals, culture, and specific requirements.