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We are fortunate to be in an industry that positively impacts people's lives and businesses. The search and staffing industry is highly competitive, and we are proud to have not only incredible testimonials, but also a publicly recognized track record of success and staying power for more than two decades!

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What People Say About Their Dynamic Experience!

"I have partnered with Dynamic for many years, from the times I would contact them to fill open positions or talked with Tiffany Stuart as a friend. The Dynamic team is strategic in its outlook and practical in its application. Tiffany is tenacious, commands respect, and demonstrates charity. She is connected with and supports the local community. I highly recommend Dynamic."

Bill C.

Director of Human Resources

"I've worked with Dynamic for many years. Their business acumen is an example of what other companies should strive for."

Marva H.

Employment Consultant/Recruiter | Previously Children's Hospital & Research Center of Oakland

"Tiffany Stuart runs one of the most dynamic and results-driven recruitment staff that I have seen. Her team's attention to detail, creativity and amazing energy level made it an incredible working relationship. Dynamic will be the first call I make for my outsourced recruiting and staffing needs."

Sean R.

Sr. Director of Business Development | Telecom/Cable Industry

"I just want to thank Dynamic once again for placing me with such a wonderful company! You were right, the company you connected me with does treat their employees well. The group of people I work with are fun to work with and we get along well.  I have made a lot of process improvements for the department, and we collaborate well together.  When I hear of anyone looking for employment, I ALWAYS mention my experience with the Dynamic team. You were a GREAT help."

Terri L.


"I have worked with Dynamic for many years. The company's business acumen, professional style, and consistent and reliable service has been a great attribute to the companies I have served. I highly recommend Dynamic as a business partner. Great working with your team!"

Genil W.

Comcast & Childrens Hospital

"I highly appreciate the learning experience I encountered while there at Dynamic.  I have brought all of that along with me in the new roles I have taken on. I feel that I have grown and matured a lot within the last few months and have some of that, owed to the people at Dynamic. I wanted to thank the entire Dynamic team who helped me along the way to find my first job out of college. During my time and experience with Dynamic I appreciated the thoroughness and willingness of everyone who I've been able to connect and learn from. Thank you once again for everything!"

Kimberly L.

Western Region Operations Coordinator | KEMA-Registered Quality, Inc.

"I would like to pass on my compliments and sincerest gratitude to Brett VonKrakau. I have known Brett professionally for many years  and he consistently performs beyond expectations and is completely reliable. He serves the needs of Dynamic with the greatest enthusiasm and dedication.

Brett is a shining star in the black field of recruiting. I truly believe that Brett is one of the most reliable and trustworthy people I have ever met in the staffing industry. He is only one of two recruiters, out of hundreds that I’ve met, that I can rely on. When he tells me something will be done or resolved I can trust completely that he will handle the situation and meet all my expectations. I truly believe that Dynamic should do all possible, NOT lose Brett, or allow another company to woo him away."

Mark V.

Call Center Supervisor

"Ron Rossman and his team at Dynamic did an amazing job placing me with a great job with lots of growth and opportunity within the company Dynamic is a very easy company to work for great people all around every time I had a question they were right there to answer it Ron stays in contact with all of his recruit from day one till even after they get hired directly with the company he places them with keeps up with them making sure that everything is going well!  I had a family emergency and Ron and Dynamic was very understanding and willing to work with me through my situation I couldn't ask for a better group of people then they have Dynamic!"

Brian S.

"Outstanding service and personal connections make Dynamic a great place to go and find a great career. 

The best thing about Dynamic. They care about your success and support you every step of the way. Great job Ron and Team. Best there is."

Omar R.

"I want to thank Brett and the entire Dynamic team who have helped me along the way to finding my first job out of college. During my time and experience with Dynamic I appreciated the thoroughness and willingness of everyone who I've been able to connect and be helped from. Thank you once again for everything!"

Abraham P.

"It would be no less than the truth for me to state the excellence I have experienced Dynamic. But more over I have to declare how much Tiffany and her leadership has affected the service I received as an employee of Dynamic; although my direct contact with her has been short, I can say with confidence she is truly a dedicated professional that has perfected what she does.  

 To work with people who actually make an honest effort to help when there is a problem is most excellent, and that is what I feel I have received from you and your staff."

Kevin L.

"Everyone, literally EVERYONE, I have worked with at Dynamic has been fantastic.  So much great energy, positivity, confidence, and knowledge.

You really have something special there.  Hope we have more business with you, so we can keep working with great people.  Thanks for the amazing service!"

Stephanie M.

All American Label and Packaging

"When I first met Brett, I was desperate for a job. He took the time to understand what I was looking for and arranged a phone interview with a company that chose not to hire me. I was disappointed and he was disappointed, but he didn't give up and led me to a job that I absolutely enjoy.

Thank you for your professionalism and your integrity in helping people like me land good jobs.

Truly I mean it when I say thank you for all you do."

Dorothy H.

"Dynamic is an awesome company that can help you get on with a wonderful company. Ron was there when I had any questions regarding the process and how everything worked. Thank you Dynamic and Ron for everything."

Destiny M.

"Dynamic connected me with a great job that I was at for over 10 years. I would highly recommend them!"

Angela M.

"Working with Dynamic was great. Brett was awesome and got me working right away in a temporary role. I truly appreciate how much he helped me out with the entire process and how easy he made it for me to get job opportunities. 

Thanks for all the help."

Jennifer B.

"I was lucky to find Dynamic during the first few months of the Covid lockdown. Brett was extremely knowledgeable of the available positions and once we discussed what I was looking for, he notified me when the right opportunity presented itself.  He was great at keeping in touch, not only during the initial placement search but also during the duration of the assignment. Once I chose the position I was interested in, Brett got started on my application, helping me prepare for the interview, and scheduled the interview with the company.

Thank you, Brett, Kelly, and everyone else for all your help in finding the right role for me.  I recommend this company; they are dedicated to helping you find the right fit! Thank you again to all of you!!"

Stefanie Schneider

"It was a great experience. From start to finish, Brett vonKrakau was very supportive and kind. Brett is extremely professional and highly involved throughout the whole process by giving accurate information when needed. Thank you so much I’m extremely grateful and so happy. Dynamic is Dynamite!"

Kimberly Shirey

"Being towards the end of my working career, and having never worked for a placement agency before, I was not sure what to expect. Dynamic exceeded my expectations and found me the perfect job.  After working with them for over 2 years, they continue to check in regularly to make sure everything is still going well. 

Everyone at Dynamic has made this a very enjoyable experience."

Debi Wilson

"I appreciate Tiffany so much.  Her longevity and success is well deserved! 

Back in 2007, I was re-entering the job market for Talent Acquisition opportunities after a 6-year personal hiatus. I was so nervous! I applied to a confidential search through Dynamic Office & Accounting solutions that changed the course of my career.  Tiffany coached me through the entire process, and I was hired for the opportunity with a Fortune 500 telecommunications company. I will forever be grateful to Tiffany and her ability to assess talent and cultivate relationships."

Angela Green

"I love that I was able to be added back with the same company I was working for last year since I actually left on great terms and now they looking at me for other opportunities so I'm happy to be back with my work family so thankful."

Silena Bell

"Ron Rossman and his team at Dynamic did an amazing job placing me with a great job with lots of growth and opportunity within the company Dynamic is a very easy company to work for great people all around every time I had a question they were right there to answer it Ron stays in contact with all of his recruit from day one till even after they get hired directly with the company he places them with keeps up with them making sure that everything is going well I had a family emergency and Ron and dynamic was very understanding and willing to work with me and my situation couldn't ask for a better group of people then the company Dynamic!"

Brian Sandlin

"I was hired at Dynamic in 2000 as an Assistant Staffing Manager, and have held several positions since then.  No matter what position I have had through the years, no matter what the economy or job market is doing, one thing never changes:  Tiffany's commitment to her business partners and employees.  I have witnessed Tiffany hop on a plane in a moment's notice to assist a growing client, help a temporary associate who was homeless get back on their feet, even work at one of our client's during their busy season.  As an employee, I have been simply amazed with Tiffany's can-do attitude and the time she gives each of her employees.  Tiffany brings passion and energy to the office each and every day- a passion to deliver world class service to our clients.  She takes the time to listen and understand the true needs of our business partners and instill in each of her employees that same passion that has made her successful in both life and business.  

The staffing industry is a tough business, and it has not always been a golden road- up, down and all around, Tiffany will persevere and do everything she can for our clients.  Do you know anyone who has been in the office 5 hours after getting out of the hospital after having major neck surgery?  Or someone that is crazy enough to take calls from her delivery room when she should be focused on having a baby!  That would be Tiffany.  She is a true "warrior"- a trait not found in everyone these days.  Nobody is perfect, and we have made mistakes, but what sets Tiffany and Dynamic apart is that we tackle those problems and present solutions!  We don't hang our heads and cry- we acknowledge those mistakes and address them immediately.

In 2000 I had an opportunity to work for another staffing firm.  I was interested in the staffing industry but didn't want a "job."  I wanted a place where I could be challenged each and every day and provide professional and personal growth.  Through the interviewing process with that staffing firm, I met Tiffany.  She let me meet her staff, tour the office, and spent a good amount of time talking to me about her business.

I accepted Dynamic's offer and never looked back.  Over 20 years later, it is still one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I not only consider Tiffany my boss, but a true mentor and friend.  I can tell you unequivocally that Tiffany is true to her word and it has been my pleasure to work with her throughout the years.  She strives to build strong business partnerships based on trust and integrity, great communication, and the ability to adapt to our partner's ever-changing business needs.  She has instilled those same values and work ethic in me and the rest of our team."

Brett vonKrakau

Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager | Dynamic

"Dynamic has been our top talent acquisition partner for Comcast Business Services Department over the past 3 years. Dynamic was hand selected for a totally new pilot program we wanted to launch in our California Market. Dynamic was the clear choice for this project because of their proven track record with Comcast for delivering excellent talent, exceeding very high expectation and incredible flexibility. With Dynamics help we have become the number one regional Business Services call center in Comcast the last twelve months running!

Dynamic is one of the best companies that I have had the privilege to work with. From the front line employees to the Owner/CEO they are dedicated to the success of my business. Other staffing firms, even national firms, don’t even come close to the dedication of Dynamic.  I am extremely impressed with the level of service I receive from Tiffany Stuart she is very tenacious and always reachable. 

 In today’s environment it is very refreshing to have a company that can turn on a dime and is honest, almost to a fault, as we have had no surprises because we have all the true information about the talent they assign us. 

In the every changing world of telecommunication sales and retention our needs change on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and Dynamic has been there to support our talent acquisition needs."

Elton Hart

Business Class Sales/Retention Manager | Comcast

“Since 2007 I have known and worked with Tiffany Stuart and the Dynamic team. I have partnered with her while working for Cingular, AT&T, and Open Range Communications on many large-scale projects. Dynamic had the ability to scale resources to match the staffing demand we required at Cingular, AT&T, and Open Range. Although Dynamic was slightly more expensive than some of their competitors we could always count on Tiffany and her team to deliver results. When I left AT&T and went to Open Range, we had different business demands and finding the right candidates for our positions was difficult. I contacted Tiffany to discuss options and knew I could count on her to partner with me in the planning process even though we were not sure whether we had the budget to move forward. We ended up partnering together and as expected, Dynamic is delivering high quality candidates. I consider Tiffany a strong business leader and a great business partner.”

Daniel G.

General Manager | Open Range

"I have known Tiffany Stuart and Dynamic in a variety of capacities for many many years. She has been my boss, my mentor and a friend. I have performed with Dynamic from a standpoint as a temporary employee, their Payroll and HR manager, to and admirer, that there is still an honest Staffing Firm around.

Tiffany is dedicated, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people. She truly is passionate of her work, and it reflects in her employee’s or better yet as she calls us, a team. As her passion is contagious and the drive to be better than the next is prevalent. I have acknowledged my years at Dynamic and with working with Tiffany to the reason, I have been successful in my other career ventures. If you have ever read the “Little Train that Could” - you would be working with it!  Dynamic and Tiffany back in the earlier days of business would take on deals that frankly, we were all surprised as such a small company we would be able to handle.  And every time each relationship just grew and grew because of the personal level of commitment Tiffany extends to not only her clients but her candidates.  She has a unique way of getting everyone on board and believing that anything is possible - and then with each client she proves that it is exactly true. Her team has always been committed to customer satisfaction not just customer service - service doesn't always mean that the client is satisfied.  That has always been the goal.

If it wasn’t for the fact I had to relocate, I would love to still be part of the team. I hope one day I can resume my place with the company. In summary, I highly recommend Tiffany Stuart and Dynamic Office and Accounting Solutions to represent your company. Should you choose to work with her and the team at Dynamic I can tell you - you will have a solid partner - she will watch out for your business, and the employees that are placed under your daily management - She is a dynamic partner and understands what it is like to build trust and business partnerships for the long haul. I support any endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a valuable asset for any organization."

Aprilyn Negrosa

"There is so much that I was able to learn, achieve, and put forth to others while working at Dynamic and must say it all started when Tiffany Stuart chased me down the escalator at a job fair demanding that I meet with her about opportunities with her firm. 

In the beginning when I was first approached by Tiffany, I could tell that I may have found what I was looking for in my hunger for professional growth. Tiffany and her staff welcomed me with open arms, gave me the autonomy to utilize my strengths and tenacity to help and achieve both individual and company goals. I have learned a great deal from this company about ethics, commitment to the client’s best interest, how important follow up is in the Staffing Industry and how important it is to truly understand one’s business so that you can provide the right people for the position. Tiffany was essential to my learning in the staffing industry and if it wasn’t for my opportunity to work in an industry (telecom) that I had been working to get into for a long time I would certainly still be with Dynamic today.  In fact, she even went so far as to assist me in finding where I am today.  She took my personal success into consideration and did what was best for me even though it might not have been best for her – she is not self serving!

Even though I’m no longer with Dynamic, there is never a time where I don’t think about Tiffany and the great job that they have always done meeting the requirements of their clients and the clients I refer them too. They are very ethical, always are in touch with their clients to help them understand where they are in the hiring process, and they are there after the sale to insure the client is happy with the end result. I would recommend Dynamic to any business looking for “Dynamic” professionals and will continue to refer my clients to them as well."

Marcus Tolibas

"Thank you for placing GREAT candidates and your partnership!"

Leigh Ellis

Program Manager

"I had the pleasure of working for Tiffany on site at her office in Danville, CA for the better part of three years.  During that time, I held the role of a Staffing Manager in which I was responsible for business generation, managing accounts, client meetings, interviewing, recruiting, and demonstrating the "dynamic" character traits inherent in any Dynamic employee.  The only reason that I eventually left the organization was due to a relocation back to New Jersey.  If it weren't for this drastic change in my personal life, I would still be employed there to this day.  Tiffany has a way of developing and fostering a company culture that encourages employees to stay long term.  The foundation of the company is built on honesty, integrity and an ultimate level of devoted customer service.  

When I first came to Dynamic, I had only about a year of "real world" business experience.  Tiffany provided me with an arena to grow not only as a professional, but also as a human being.  The passion that she demonstrated on a daily basis was inspiring.  It not only spurred my best, but I always knew I would be held accountable for my own pride, and my own accomplishments.  In short, I wanted to make her proud because she was such an inspiring leader.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to work for other organizations in the staffing world, including those among the largest in the world.  Without hesitation, I can easily discern the differences between a "big box" type staffing firm and a boutique firm such as Dynamic.  The larger organizations often care much more about their bottom line than they do the satisfaction of their clients and the morale of their employees.  Tiffany and our team at Dynamic always put the well being of the customer first.  We strived for long term partnerships, and ultimately friendships to come from these business relationships.  

While I saw the organization celebrate numerous victories and high points, I also saw lower points of frustration with great adversity and challenges.  This is where the true value of a human being can be found--in their ability to rise above during a crisis.  This was a trait that Tiffany taught me and that I demonstrate in my personal life even to this day, and something I hope to impart on my own children one day.

In conclusion, Tiffany breeds a culture at Dynamic solutions built on honesty and integrity.  If a mistake is made (and let's be honest, there is no such thing as perfection in the world of staffing), she will be the first to own up to it and most importantly fix it.  In the end, you will trust her and lean on her for much more than just staffing.  She's a brilliant person and one of the most colorful personalities on the planet, and most importantly, she's someone you can trust when the going gets tough.  

I hope one day to have that chance to work with her some capacity again."

John Riccobono

The BOSS Group, where talent and opportunity meet A Certified Women's Business Enterprise

"I worked with Dynamic for over 15 years. The professional care and handling of the employees as well as their clients is truly amazing. I have worked for many of the Bay Area Temporary Agencies through the years and stuck with Dynamic. Even when I was finally placed perm I called for their help. They have placed many of my friends and associates with jobs, some of which have become permanent. The University of California which has hired Dynamic is also pleased with their placement.

I would also like to thank Tiffany for not only helping professionally but also thinking of Dynamic’s team stability before her own."

Stacey Conley

Administrator | University of California

"I worked very closely with Tiffany for more than 10 years. My experience has been exceptional, and we have developed a good working relationship.

Tiffany and her team possess the ultimate "can do" attitude. Dynamic has a great group of talented staff working hard to coordinate and complete orders in a professional and timely manner.  They have the ability to listen and pay attention to my needs.  When providing me with resumes, candidates and organizing interviews they are flexible, attentive, and patient in coordinating with upper management.

Tiffany has also secured employment for me, my family, friends, and colleagues. I could always count on her to provide us with the best opportunities. Dynamic takes the initiative to go beyond the expected parameters and provided me with individuals that possess professionalism, confidence, and dependability.

I look forward to and will continue to work with Tiffany and her team."

Ludy Morales-Dunning 

Senior Manager | Americas Field & Channel Marketing

"I truly appreciate Dynamic's ongoing communication and follow through.  I have been nothing short of impressed by Tiffany and her company since our very first meeting."

Jamie Lamoreaux

Human Resources Area Manager | Nordstrom Rack Division

"Dynamic has been a resource we have relied on without fail for many years.  Tiffany and her company bring tremendous energy, talent and dedicated focus to the process of providing solutions to our day-to-day business problems.  Utilizing a well developed and highly structured approach; Tiffany and her team tackle the needs of her clients with confidence, dedication and experience.

Knowing that Tiffany and her team are available to our business in the busiest times of our work is a great relief to me as a business owner.  Having a resource nearby that I know will provide me with the high standard of personnel I require allows me to focus on my clients needs and helps ensure the success of my business."

HR Director

Relocation Connections Inc.

"As a Vice President for Human Resources for two high-tech firms, I was responsible for ensuring that my companies were appropriately staffed at all times with quality talent. To achieve this objective, I relied on both internal recruiting and external resources, and one of the most dependable external resources was Dynamic.

I have known Tiffany Stuart for many years and considered her and her skilled team as staffing “partners.”  When needs were critical, Dynamic collaborated with my staff and company managers to obtain outstanding candidates and temporary staff for our many and varied open positions. I highly recommend Dynamic to any firm in need of outstanding support."

Deb Gross

Prior Client Partner

"I, as well as RadioShack & my boss, have been pleased with the quality of staffers Dynamics has supporting our RadioShack stores."

Debbie Wright

Area Retail Sales Manager | National Retail

"I'm pretty impressed with selection of candidates Dynamic has provided and will continue to contact you first regarding any requisitions that open.  Thank you for keeping our best interest and your candidate’s best interest in mind when filling our requisitions.  You and your staff have been exceptional."

Mae W.

Employment Officer | Golden 1 Credit Union

"Just wanted to thank Dynamic for everything you do for LSI Tax Service.  It is your hard work, dedication and partnership that helps us meet our servicing goals.  You are the best!"

Bernadette Nelson

Vice President | Outsource Operations LSI Tax Services, A Fidelity National Financial Company

"I would like give high recommendation to Tiffany Stuart, the President of Dynamic, on her guidance in helping me update my resume and interview techniques that I incorporated which helped me land a great position.  I had a lot of anxiety because I was losing my job and I was not focused but she made me focus on what I needed to do.  She is a great person and she was able to guide me to a great position which I have just accepted.

Nemesio Credo Jr.

"I recently was laid off and during my job search I posted my resume on a career website. Within a few hours of posting, I received a call from one of Dynamic’s recruiters, who was just really pleasant to talk to as well. She had pulled my resume and thought she had a match with the Inside Sales Manager position at SAFE Security. I was hired by the end of that week.

I feel their team did a really great job finding the right fit for me. This could not be a more perfect job and they were just on top of every step of the process.

I am using the Dynamic team now to help recruit new sale reps, and I am also impressed with their teams over all attention and response now that I am on the hiring end of things.

I just could not be a happier customer."

Nicole Torres

Inside Sales Manager | SAFE Security

"Thanks to you and your team for being awesome vendors over the last 3 years but more than that extending your friendship."

Anita Massey

Staffing Director | Bay Area Region (now employed with Kaiser)

"KUDO'S to you!! You definitely know your recruiting stuff!!!

Thank you again..." 


President | Unity Marketing Group Inc.

"The attention Dynamic provided, from the initiation of request to placement, has been great. You ensured an understanding of the job requirements, along with business timelines, then took immediate action.   Through the process, you provided regular communications removing the need for us to follow up.    

It's been a pleasure working with you."

Lina Vallez


“We really appreciate the personal involvement Dynamic likes to give to their clients to ensure the best possible fit for both client and candidate.  It is so nice to interview with a great fit, not just another ‘body.’  Dynamic provides our local office with peace of mind when we have a position we need to fill.”

Kerri Hill

Marketing Coordinator

"It’s hard enough when you’re faced with having to look for employment at any stage of your life.  Add to that equation the majority of employment agencies don’t make the transition any easier.  It’s people like Christina Scott who are able to keep you steady in faith and confidence, due to her very unique and dazzling personality, which translates into this matchless talent she’s developed in being the best that she is, to service those who depend on her. I feel that it’s because of exceptional people such as Ms. Scott that make Dynamic so “Dynamic.”  I would like to thank you for your time and know that your employment services will always be my first choice for my office staffing needs."

Eryka Q.

Administrative Assistant | Beringer Blass Wine Estates

"You and your team have been lifesavers during this recent boom in business.  I don't know how we would have succeeded without you!

I appreciate the fact that you really listen when I explain my staffing needs, carefully screen your applicants, and send us only appropriate placements.  Although I duck around the corner when most salespeople stop in, I'm always happy to see Laura.  Her warmth and sincerity make her a pleasure to work with.  Likewise, Brett is always available when I call and does an incredible job of staying on top of my many requests.  His positive energy is absolutely contagious!

We currently have 10 Dynamic placements.  All learned quickly, are great team players, and consistently produce very good work.  So far this year we have hired 3 of our former temps.  In the past, when we hired from classified ads in the local paper, we were never sure if our new employees would work out. Now that we only hire people Dynamic has placed with us, we know when we make the offer that we are hiring successful employees.

So, thanks for everything.  I am so pleased with the teamwork that Dynamic has extended.  On top of all the business reasons that the relationship works, I really enjoy working with your team.  Although I know I'm not Dynamic's largest client, you each make me feel like the most important one every time I call!"

Sara Myers Bisler

Regional Processing Manager 

"Who is Tiffany as a Business Partner – Professional, follows up and works to make things happen. Tiffany has been such a HUGE help for me building my team. She brings her energetic, willing attitude to help and provide a value, a service was always present when I was building my team. I am eternally grateful for her help. I think the name of her company is NOT an accident. DYNAMIC is almost too tame of a word for her!!!

Blake Gunn

Comcast Business

"I have known Tiffany Stuart and used her firm for most of the last 10 years. With 77 locations scattered about northern and central California, we have significant staffing requirements. I can tell you without question, Tiffany and Dynamic are amongst our most trusted business partners. They have never failed to deliver and always exceed our expectations. 

As for Tiffany herself, I would offer the following: Were it necessary for me to take an extended leave of absence for any reason, Tiffany is one of a handful of people I would consider hiring to run my company while I was away. She has all the qualities I look for in a leader; tough, fair, dedicated, community oriented, she is exceptionally bright and obviously cares about her employees and clients. 

I wholeheartedly and unconditionally recommend Tiffany and Dynamic!"

Matt Fidiam

CEO/ President | Parrot Cellular

"The economy and many careers changed over the last 5 years.  I found the ethics and personal development plan Tiffany put in place provided the insights and professionalism needed in the new economy.

I worked with Tiffany and her firm and found her to have industry and personal insights

Insights are the most important elements when making personal and career decisions, Tiffany provides both for the long term. Energy to move forward and make the necessary connection is the difference with Tiffany as well as networking, placement, and career consultation.

The first thing Tiffany wants to know is your career and personal foundation, this sets up the chance to have a personal conversation before the placement."

Todd Burger

President/CEO | AAA MountainWest

 “I want to thank you and your staff for the tremendous work you did for my organization at AT&T Broadband.  I am speaking in particular about the effort put out by Dynamic to assist the Telephony Control Center with the task of increasing headcount.  My goal as you know was to take a staff of fourteen employees, move them from San Jose to Concord and increase that number to four hundred and twenty within a target date of three months.  AT&T Broadband was able to meet this deadline because of the amount of effort put forth by your dedicated employees.  They worked with my management staff to verify that they were providing employees that had the specific skill sets we had requested.  If there was ever a problem, quick action was taken and changes were made.  Your employees were determined to meet the goals set before them and because of this, we at AT&T Broadband were able to build a strong, knowledgeable staff from the ground up.  Your company far exceeded any of my expectations and clearly impressed me with the results.  I look forward to working with you and your organization in any projects I may be involved with in the future.”

Debbie Oseguera

Manager of Process and Support Customer Care | AT&T Broadband

 “As the Director of Customer Care at Otis Spunkmeyer, I've had the pleasure of working with Dynamic since the fall of 2001 to fill corporate customer service jobs (in Northern California) and since early 2005 to fill Call Center Representative positions in our Southern California Call Center.

Our Corporate Customer Care team supports approximately $350 million in annual business that is the core of our annual revenue stream.  Being a Bay Area employer during an employer's labor market we have just about every temporary agency calling on us. Time and time again we send openings out to a group of agencies and time and time again Dynamic stands out as the one who consistency deliveries high quality well targeted candidates. This confirms they understand our business model and how it differs from the next guy (key for us).  We've used Dynamic for Temp to Perm; high volume seasonal work, and short-term administrative assignments.  The staff is easy to work with and always very responsive to our needs.  Their personable, high energy and results oriented approach allows me to remain confident and certainly less stressed in times of need. 

Our Southern California Call Center moved from an in-house direct hire approach to a Temp to Perm model in 2005.  Since then our turnover has decreased from 58% to 20%.  This is due to a combination of many efforts within our Call Center organization certainly one of which is our use of Dynamic.  In a highly competitive industry - where most agencies sell on the same solutions - the provider who wins is the one who delivers.  Dynamic has definitely delivered results to our Customer Care organization.”

Kym Cadle

Director, Customer Care | Otis Spunkmeyer

“I am involved in multiple enterprises.  I am a board member of California Bank of Commerce, which is a local community bank.  I am the owner of Pacific Business Centers, an eleven-location executive suite operation located throughout the greater Bay Area, and president of United Growth.

I have contracted for both permanent and temporary staff on numerous occasions over the past 8 years. I have done this exclusively through Dynamic.  I have never been disappointed by their performance or quality of placements.   When the need arises for an employee my management staff are more than happy to make their jobs easier by working with Dynamic. It is extremely time consuming to interview and go through the selection process and I much prefer my staff to focus on either our sales goals or our customer service and let Dynamic labor through the hiring process.”

Stuart Kahn

President | United Growth

"I highly recommend Dynamic as a reliable, steadfast and truly Dynamic company that can readily assist with your staffing needs.  Previously, I’ve worked for two other agencies and have witnessed different practices, procedures and business management in each.  I can honestly say that Dynamic is a diamond in the rough.  Never have I witnessed more personal attention and effort to each individual client as well as excellent follow-through.  They are proactive and great communicators with excellent talent.

Dynamic was given an opportunity to take on a failing agencies clientele, and unknowingly inherited payroll problem from that agency.  Dynamic quickly stepped up to the plate and not only reimbursed the jilted employees, they also didn’t charge their new client for those paychecks.

Dynamic is truly a professional company. Tiffany Stuart has created and led an outstanding team that I’m so proud to be a part of. I have recommended their services to friends, family, and previous clients and will continue to do so.  Any company that joins Dynamic’s team will be treated with respect, honesty and integrity."

Candice Qualls

Prior Talent Acquisition Manager at Dynamic | Current Client

“Tiffany Stuart is one of my great teachers. She is the definition of hard work! She invariably understands exactly what staffing and leading a team is all about. Tiffany is resourceful, creative, and extremely passionate as well as a solution-oriented person who frequently comes up with new and innovative approaches on how to do everything better. She is loved by her community, respected and admired by her staff and feared by her competition! Tiffany is a maverick who’s work ethic and determination go unmatched! I would do just about anything for Tiffany- paid or not! Continued success, my friend!” 

Leida Chambliss

Executive Recruiter | Dynamic Office & Accounting Solution

“When I first joined the team at Dynamic I read an article about Tiffany in the San Francisco Business Times ( where she spoke about her role as a boss being respectful, loyal, tolerant, fair and passionate. I quickly learned just how true that is. She is a joy to work for and with. Whenever I tell people how much I love my job they tell me how lucky I am. I tell them that I'm lucky to have a mentor who cultivates my skills, challenges me, leads by example, values integrity, does whatever is needed to ensure our success, is extremely creative and funny, has amazingly high energy and sales skills, gives 110% of herself to her business and accomplishes her goals every time! What impresses the most is that she not only treats her team in this matter, but she does the same across the board for all our clients. Partnership is not a word she takes lightly and anyone who has the pleasure of partnering with Tiffany, in any role, will find this out just as quickly as I did!”

Tara Spence

Staffing Consultant | Dynamic Office and Accounting Solutions

“Tiffany is a pleasure to work with. She is always upbeat, professional, and pays attention to the type of details you wouldn't normally expect. She has provided me with many top candidates which I have hired. I will continue to work with her company as I believe she runs one of the best staffing companies. If you want a Dynamic experience, call Tiffany!” 

Michael Khoury

“Tiffany runs one of the most dynamic and results driven recruitment staff that I have seen. Her attention to detail, creativity and amazing energy level made it an incredible working relationship. She will be the first call I make for my outsourced recruiting and staffing needs.” 

Sean Reid

"Brett and the Dynamic team have been great to work with. They quickly found a placement for me that has worked out great and is soon to be permanent!  It was nice to know that they cared enough to check in from time to time to see how the job was going for me."   

Dina Garcia

"I had the best experience working with Brett at Dynamic. He helped place me and gave me plenty of information so that I knew I was making the right choices that best fit my needs. Once I started my position, he was always calling to check in on me and make sure things were going well. I always felt comfortable calling him if I had any questions. After I was hired full-time in my new position, he still made time to call and check up on me to make sure things were going well. He cares about the people he places, and it shows. I would recommend anyone looking for a job to talk to him."

Isabell Steckbar

"Out of all of the temporary agencies I have worked with, this is the best one.  They moved with a sense of urgency to get me hired and everybody is so friendly and polite. They show they really care by checking in to make sure everything is going well with the assignment and having fun in exciting contests to win cool prizes. After 3 months on the assignment, I was hired permanently!

Highly recommend Brett. He is awesome!"

Tiffany Tonkins

"Working with Dynamic and Brett has giving me the opportunity to find a well-paying job.  Brett is very attentive and always following up with me to see how things are going at the new job. Everyone at Dynamic is very nice and I feel blessed to have come across the Dynamic team."

Maria Barraza

"I have nothing but praise for Dynamic's high level of professionalism and reliability ever since my placement.  Dynamic has always been approachable, responsive, and overall communicative to ensure the best quality in service.  I cannot commend them enough!"

JP Baytan

Test Engineer

"I had a very pleasant experience working for Dynamic. The staff was always very friendly, helpful and readily available to provide any support that I needed. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have been part of their team!"

Deanna Allen


"Brett is the absolute most excellent agent there is and I would never go to another agency again, every time I call to talk to Brett he is always there to help. Brett really cares about you and keeps in contact as much as possible, he works hard to find the best job for your needs and qualifications. He has found me the best jobs and right now I'm with a company he helped me get into that I love and want to make a career with.  Thank you, Brett for everything you do and thank you, Dynamic as well. I am very grateful for the help and opportunities you have given me."

Regina Shaffer

"I worked with Dynamic for about 20 + years.  Dynamic has been a trusted resource for my hiring needs.  I work in financial services and the employees we hire must pass rigid background checks.

Every candidate I received from Dynamic was always cleared and ready to work.  I have managed operations with payment companies, credit card companies and credit unions.  Dynamic has always been there to provide me with quality employees, no matter what my current company was focused on.  Dynamic is an excellent partner and I give them my highest recommendation. Currently, I work as a Contact Center Consultant and I always recommend Dynamic to my clients, should a full-time or temporary staffing requirement arise."

Mark Edelman

Contact Center Consultant

"It was my pleasure working for Dynamic and I am glad that Dynamic had given me this opportunity and helped me getting hired internally. I really enjoyed working under Brett. He has always been helpful and resourceful for me. He’s always responsive and quick to take action. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey"

Aung Naing


"Dynamic is just that, DYNAMIC! Everyone is super nice, respectful, and understanding. If I need assistance someone is always there. Their agency has been a blessing to me and my family. Brett is a major asset to Dynamic, he helped make me feel comfortable and ready for the assignment interview, as well as checked in on me as much as possible! I recommend this company to family and friends every day, it's really bragging to them, but hey when you work for a great company every should know!"

Danyelle Corbette


"We have been working with Dynamic for several years.  They have a high level of professionalism, knowledge, and integrity.  Working with Dynamic is a pleasure."

Bruce Brescia

One Risk Assurance

"I feel very grateful to have had an opportunity to become a Field agent at this company and for having Sophia Stuart as my onboarding and hiring manager. She was so patient and kind with me and understanding about my question with this position. I greatly appreciated that when she was interviewing me she took the time to break things down to a level that I could understand and then build upon. Assigning work tasks to me that she explained step by step on how to finish allowed me to have the chance to expand my knowledge and build confidence in my abilities. She also responds to my emails and calls in a timely manner and is very enthusiastic about my questions. I appreciate everything and will always remember how kind she was with this process. She has made me so excited to be a part of this company."

Verlenzia Williams

Field Enrollment Agent | Life Wireless

"Dynamic is a great company, I love working with them and they are so friendly and such an understanding company, I would highly recommend them to work for!"

Kenny Toral

"To anyone on the hunt for a job, your search ends here! I stumbled upon Dynamic by luck, after I had recently left a job I was unhappy with. Dynamic was transparent, professional, and easy to work with. They made the entire process painless and guided me through every step of the way to finding the perfect fit for me. Currently, I am 6 months into the job that Dynamic matched me with and I have loved every second of my job. And I owe it all to Dynamic"

Andres Salas

"Ron and the entire team is friendly, outgoing & super helpful!  Absolutely grateful for them & everything they have done for me."

Christopher Hernandez

"This is one of the most professional Staffing Services around. They really go the extra step for their employees and clients as well. I would highly recommend Dynamic, and special thanks to Ron Rossman for helping me with everything along the way! #TeamDynamic"

Jasmine Willis

"If anyone is in the market looking for employment, I'd definitely be the first to recommend Dynamic as a company, and Ron Rossman as an individual. During the entire employment process, the company has had clear communication and definitely makes me feel a part of the team. I feel like Ron and the  Dynamic team has done a great job for me in my employment endeavors. Thank you Dynamic! You rock!"

Mia Hughes

"I would like to say how grateful I am for Dynamic and how easy they have made this experience for me. Thanks to you all I have a wonderful and very fulfilling job in which I continue to grow every day and I just want to say keep up the good job, keep helping and caring for others just like you helped me, thank you Dynamic!"

Angelica Fraga

"I wanted to take the time to express how grateful I am to Ron and the entire Dynamic staff. After I was laid off it was hard finding employment that would be a fit for me. Dynamic made the interview process so easy and prepared me for what to expect from the employer. I was hired immediately and the support from Ron Rossman and the staff didn't stop once I was hired. They are always available when I need them and provided all the tools necessary for me to be able to succeed in my new role. Dynamic is by far the best hiring agency I have ever worked with. Thanks again!"

Chandelle Hicks

"I want to thank you for the great interview and the chance to be a part of this company. Sophia and the entire team was very nice and professional. This process for everything has been smooth and I look forward to working with you. Thanks again for everything."

Krystal Allen

"I was searching for a job for a while but had given up. Then, I got an email from Brett. He explained the requirements and set up the interview. Brett called to check in with me regarding my resignation from my previous employer and followed up with all my questions and concerns. I also had the pleasure of working with Tiffany she completed my onboarding process quick and was also very polite. It was such a great experience working with this staffing agency. I would definitely recommend this company to a family or friend."

LaShannon Lovelace

"In my time working for Dynamic and directly with Brett has been one of the best. You truly gain a family with this company. Brett is like the supportive professional dad who checks up on you and makes sure you are doing well and if he needs to help in any way with anything to support your job role he will. My one time having to go through HR to fix stuff for payroll everyone was so supportive and helpful. I have never been with a company that cared as much as these guys, it truly makes working for this company worth it all. I love my job and felt very prepared way before I started Brett was awesome about answering all my crazy questions before I accepted the position. After starting I had some things that were unexpected come up and he was quick to respond and advocate on my behalf where most companies may look at you as a risk or not serious about position. He treated me with respect and like a human being something a lot of larger companies lack is empathy. Thanks, Dynamic, for the opportunity and I’m glad to be a part of the team."

Natasia Wilson

"There aren’t too many organizations like Dynamic around anymore. Dynamic goes above and beyond to make sure your first day is exactly how it was guaranteed! The assistance and guidance is like no other. Brett is such a great recruiter! Brett has great communication skills and has no problem with helping you along the way! If every job made their hiring process to be as good as these guys, employees would never leave!"

Alexis Legrande

"Dynamic is an awesome company. My first interview with Ron Rossman went smoothly. He stayed on top of things and made sure I was aware of the steps to get hired. I’m now a month in. Had some hiccups but payroll made sure I got paid on time. Very pleased to be a part of such great company Old Republic Home Protection. I’m very, very, very pleased with my decision to move forward with this company. I highly recommend Dynamic!!!"

Temeshia Black

"Dynamic Office Solutions set me up with a fantastic contract position, during the height of COVID when no one was hiring! Since then, Brett frequently reaches out to me to check my availability and to just see how I'm doing.  They've been a great team to work with over the past two years!"

Denise Lavarone

"I recently got a job through Dynamic and the team there are very thorough. They explained to me step by step about the process with the team.  Any issues I come across, they are on point with resolving it. They found a really great match for me at my new job. I really recommend Dynamic if you are looking for a new opportunity with a lot of growth. FYI, Brett is awesome!"

Leurm Neou

"The team at Dynamic is outstanding! My recruiter, Brett, found me multiple opportunities in my field, ultimately helping me get into a full-time position. He was present and supportive throughout my job search and seemed to truly care about helping me move my career forward. I feel lucky to have found him and will definitely work with him again in the future as my first-choice recruiter!"

Sarah Mallas

"My personal experience with Dynamic has been absolutely astonishing. Dynamic really engages with you and makes you feel like you’re already a part of the team. Brett is one of the best recruiters I’ve ever met. Brett prepared me for my first day and was there every step of the way. I really appreciated the constant communication and clarification as well. It feels so good to work with a team who wants the best for you. An easy onboarding process is a key part in being successful in your role. Dynamic is great!"

Tatiana Brown

"Since starting I can say Dynamic is definitely a great agency to come through. I love my new job and the environment. Dynamic sets you up with long term careers. I love it! It was an honor to be placed in an environment of growth."

Asia Michelle

"My experience of being an employee of Dynamics has been very positive and exciting journey. No matter what time of day I speak to Brett he is always so cheerful and kind. It is really nice working with him because he puts out the best positive energy.

Thanks Dynamic!"

Rena M.

"I appreciate the clarity that Dynamic provides for tasks on my job. I love the flexible work schedules. They are always available to answer questions and resolve issues quickly. I love the positive environment and never an attitude when I am confused about something or have a question. Dynamic is one of the best companies that I have ever worked for."

Mary Smith

"I would like to thank Dynamic for providing me with this great employment opportunity. I am very grateful I was part of your agency and you guys helped me find the perfect job for me. I definitely give you 10 stars out of 10. I had never been part of an agency that cared so much about their employees and would check on them periodically. That was a big, big plus and what made being a part of Dynamic such a great experience!"

Diana Camacho

"My experience with Dynamic has been very rewarding. They kept me working while they found a permanent position for me.

Brett has been very helpful, right from the moment that I was in need of employment back in 2014. He was able to keep me working, which I was very grateful for. The contract positions I worked were great, always pleasant clients to work for. I enjoyed meeting and learning new things, it was the best experience, highly recommend the agency and the recruiters."

Dixie Buchter

"The experience with Dynamic was one for the books, from application process to transitioning into a permanent position. Brett was my go-to at Dynamic. Communication was great, here I am now 10 months into the company with a permanent position also two promotions since starting!"

Lawrencia Wilkes

"I just want to thank you and really appreciate you for all the help when I needed you.  You always call us to check on us if I’m ok or how I’m doing.  I’ve never experienced that, only here in Dynamic, again thank you so much!"

Honeylet Reed

"Dynamic really goes the extra mile for both the employer and employee clients. We have used a few different companies to help with staffing, however Tiffany and her team really stand out. They not only care about helping our company, but they genuinely care about each person they place.  Dynamic focuses on building relationships, not just one-off placements. It is nice to be able to recommend a group that continues to be an excellent resource year after year."

Willis Okan

Dynamic has been amazing with connecting many of my colleagues and friends to various jobs! And the companies I have worked with are happy with their customer service and efficiency!

Lara George

"Tiffany and team are truly Dynamic. They take great care of clients and are very personable."

Kristen Sparkes

The people here are amazing!
Brett is a "No-Nonsense, get stuff done" kind of guy who helped land me a position and helped me prepare for the interview and onboarding process, as well as assuring me I had the right skills for the job.
Nikki went above and beyond helping me with all my questions regarding payroll and others. She was also very diligent in her double checking of my information and noticed errors that really saved my behind.
I can't thank this team enough for their care, their knowledge, and their overall willingness and excitement to take care of their clients needs.

Cody Laycock

"Dynamic took care of me when I needed it most! Tiffany and her team are so, so great. Brett reached out to me on my search 10 months ago and opened the door for me to have an opportunity to work with Comcast. He kept great communication with me throughout the process and followed up with me to make sure I was having a positive experience. He was great in fitting me to my exact needs during my job search. Kelly was my go-to person in the accounting dept. and she is awesome at what she does! She’s such a joy to talk to and always provided insight on any changes and/or updates regarding payroll & the company. And the glue that holds this team together- Tiffany! Tiff is such an amazing person to work with. She made my decision to move out of state the absolute hardest. She is personable, honest and puts her team first. I highly recommend working with this bunch of wonderful people. They support you and will do whatever they can in helping you find the right fit for a career- whether it be short-term or long.

Thank you for everything you guys have done for me. I am so thankful!!

Melissa E.

"Excellent staff very professional. Enjoyed my experience working with Dynamic I highly recommend them."

Vince Perry

I decided to leave my job at a grocery store, to find an office job instead. Unfortunately I decided to do this right before the pandemic hit, so I found myself scrambling to find that next job. After trying a couple places that weren't an ideal fit for me, I found Dynamic! After I applied, they interviewed me remotely and we mutually decided this would be a perfect fit for me: a temp-to-hire job was the perfect solution to my dilemma! I am very happy with my now-permanent job, and am suggesting to everyone I know who is looking for a job, to check out Dynamic. Everyone I've talked to has been friendly and helpful. Brett was my main contact at Dynamic, and he's fantastic! Very supportive and encouraging, as well as reassuring (which is crucial in these unsettling times). Each paycheck arrived on time or early, and I couldn't be happier with my experience with Dynamic. If you're looking for your next job, please don't hesitate to contact them!"

Sarah P.

"Every time I go into Dynamic, I am inspired by the energy and enthusiasm Tiffany and her staff have to help clients and candidates change their lives for the better! I called Tiffany for a job, and I ended up working for her and developing a very close working relationship with her and her staff, especially Brett and Topher. She has many opportunities available for the right people, has more contacts than anyone I know, and is a phenomenal model for women in business. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with her and Dynamic."

Michelle B.

"Working with Dynamic and the staff was such a wonderful experience. I personally worked with Brett V. and he was literally the BEST mentor I’ve ever worked with! From helping me with the interview process, promptly answering any and all questions I had to always checking up on me and my family to make sure I was doing okay and everything was going smoothly. Brett always made sure I felt heard and that the job was for me, I wouldn’t have got the job I have now without him! This job allows me to stay home with my babies, work, and make a good wage, I owe it all to Brett! Dynamic is by far the best company I’ve ever worked with and the best staff I’ve encountered. Brett V. and Nikki L. have always showed me much gratitude and will always be family, thank you Dynamic team!"

Briana Crawford

Remote Service Agent

"Eddie has been amazing and super helpful.  Even if he didn't have answer he would call and still check in.  He is phenomenal to work with and his communication is amazing, I really love working with him!"

Cassie P.

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