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As an extension of your professional HR and recruiting team, we understand the supply and demand challenges of today.  We focus our resources and expertise on finding and presenting you with only top prequalified candidates, freeing up your time to focus on growing your department/business. When working with Dynamic, we handle all the leg work that goes into office staffing including the cost of advertising, time to prescreen, and calendar coordination. By taking away the time-consuming process and guesswork of finding the best talent for your team, we impact your bottom line by saving you time and money. In today’s dynamic marketplace, securing top talent is vital to the success of any company.  

To help prepare our associates for their first day, we review the tricks and tips we gleaned from you during our process, so they show up ready to jump in and thrive in your fast-paced environment. This helps with first-day jitters, so they feel prepared to excel and grow. Anyone can find someone to learn how to do a job, Dynamic finds someone who wants to thrive in it because when one of us thrives, we all grow together! 

Dynamic's specialty is being multi-faceted and understanding the people we serve! We not only take the time to understand the basic roles and responsibilities of the position so the associate can understand exactly what is expected of them, we also take the time to understand the personality fit of the work environment itself. We want to ensure all of our employees are taken care of and feel like a valued part of our client’s team, this is what makes the personality piece so vital! An employee will thrive in a position where they (a) know how to do the job and (b) want to do the job to better serve their team, customers, and beyond! 

Saving You Money

When our talent works for you, they are employed by Dynamic.  This means that we assume all costs associated with processing and administering payroll and benefits, including Social Security, Medicare, FICA, workers compensation and unemployment insurance.

When partnering with Dynamic for your staffing needs, you’ll also appreciate the freedom from costly benefits, vacation, holiday and sick pay.

Dynamic clients further enjoy:

  • Turnover and recruitment cost savings
  • Employee screening savings
  • Overtime savings
  • Training cost savings
  • Much more!


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