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Dynamic is a certified women-owned full-service search and staffing firm providing direct hire/full-time search, temporary and working interview (temp-to-hire) placements, and other customized recruitment services. 

While our start was in Northern California, the ever-growing demand for our expertise grew exponentially, leading us to expand and provide search services nationwide.  Since 1997, we have successfully connected thousands of extraordinary, talented individuals with a range of top companies, spanning from small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations.

Our goal is to provide a flexible foundation for the companies we support so they can focus on running and growing their businesses. We proactively identify and align individuals with each company’s unique business culture. What sets Dynamic apart is that we prioritize making the right placement for both our clients and the talent we work with! This approach not only reduces turnover but fosters a more collaborative environment. What we do affects the lives of everyone involved, which is why we seek to truly be a partner and team for every candidate and company leader we work with.

History Of Success

Dynamic has skillfully navigated through volatile business climates. One of our strengths is being able to swiftly adapt to the changing conditions of the economy, living up to our name and our partners' expectations.  Our success and staying power are a testament to our willingness and ability to quickly adapt to support the ever-changing needs of those we support.

Our commitment to transparent communication and integrity, coupled with our problem-solving approach and focus on delivering results, enables us to provide a truly dynamic experience including the best service, placements, and success for everyone — job seekers and companies alike. With more than two decades of recognition as a Top Staffing Firm, Women-Owned Business, Diversity Business, and many other accolades, we continue to make our mark as a valued partner in our industry.

Diversity Supplier

We know that diversity is always important, especially in today’s workplace. Since the beginning, Dynamic is proud to be certified as a Diversity Business by:

  • WBENC (Women's Business Enterprise National Council)
    • WBE (Women's Business Enterprise)
    • WOSB (Women-Owned Small Business)
  • CPUC - Supplier Clearinghouse
    • WBE (Women's Business Enterprise)
  • SAM (System for Award Management)
    • Certified Small Business

Certifications & Professional Memberships

The Dynamic Experience – How Our Actions Align with Our Core Values

Outstanding Follow Through & Committed Support

Whether you need to fill a vacancy or find a new career opportunity, the process can be daunting. We are committed to transparent communication and consistent follow-through throughout the search & placement process. Consider us an extension of your team - you can rely on us to support you at every stage. Providing this level of communication before, during, and beyond the placement process, we create lasting relationships spanning many years on both sides of the hiring equation.

Unparalleled Service

We understand leveraging technology whenever possible in business can be highly efficient, however it does not leave you with the feeling of personalized, unparalleled service.  Connecting live with your staffing partner is non-negotiable!  Relationships are built through personal connection, and we believe that starts with a live human on the line with you.

Dynamic is the flexible foundation to support the growth of your company for the long term, for peak seasons or for specific projects. When you call us between the hours of 5 am - 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday, you will speak with us live instead of getting lost pressing directory numbers, talking to a robot, or being sent to voicemail. From your first call to our team, you can count on unparalleled service!

Transparent Communication, Enthusiasm & Mental Athleticism

No two companies or people are alike, and we approach each search as a new one with enthusiasm and communication so that we never leave you guessing. In any economy, nothing is more exciting to us than getting the right people working with the right companies. We thrive off creative thinking and often rely on non-traditional ideas and methods to find and place qualified candidates. Our highly skilled recruiters have the mental agility to adapt processes and jump through the hoops needed to provide you with the winning results your team needs.

Skillfully Aligning the Right Combination of Vetting & Chemistry

Talented people and company culture are two of the most critical components to align for long term success. One of Dynamic’s core values is to build quality relationships from the start. Keeping this value at the forefront of our mind, we conduct deep-dive two-way interviews and maintain transparent conversations to uncover hiring managers' department needs and the skills of the candidates that we represent. We get to know our hiring managers and companies by having open discovery dialog, much like an interview, and on-site visits too.

We also believe that who a candidate is and what they bring to the table is more important than the written skills on a page or profile. You can teach or develop new skills, but you can’t teach or learn how to fit in with a team, company culture, or company environment. By utilizing specific assessments that are accurately validated to measure the qualities within a candidate in addition to hard skills, we promote job success and cultural alignment. When each talent decision is approached in an evidence-based way, organizations start to achieve tangible, and often dramatic, results. By understanding both our candidates and our clients on that level, we’re able to confidently place for success.

Relentless Integrity

When partnering with our team, mistakes are the exception, not the rule. However, we are human and make no claim of perfection. If or when they do occur, we’re known to be respectful, proactive, and go above and beyond to resolve the issue promptly!

We have found that when adversity or problems occur in any situation, that is when you find out who your committed partners really are. Through fearless conversations, rolling up our sleeves, and taking responsibility, we lead the way to solutions from which loyalty is built, integrity is highlighted, and relationships become indestructible.

Proactive, Productive Partnerships, Expertise & Non-Traditional Ideas

As a solutions-oriented staffing partner, Dynamic works diligently to successfully create partnerships between businesses and people. Our staffing team is in-tune with the ever-changing business climate nationally, as well as maintaining our local expertise in many markets, which enables us to offer niche market expertise, data reporting, rapid response times, and a continually evolving base of qualified candidates and new opportunities.

While we maintain a large network of relationships in a variety of different industries, that doesn’t mean we always have the right people for every company or the right opportunity for every person – sometimes it boils down to timing! At the end of the day, our goal is to help our clients — even if that means reaching out to trusted partner firms or discovering entirely new ways of finding the right candidate for you.

Our proactive business development and recruitment efforts enable us to continually grow our network of qualified, talented people and extraordinary clients. You can count on us to reach out to you if we find the right person or the right opportunity. Building relationships is not just one search – it provides value in each interaction, not always resulting in revenue but always in long-term partnerships.

Meet Our Team


Tiffany Stuart

President & Founder
Meet Tiffany - the fearless leader, founder, and President of Dynamic. With nearly 30 years of experience in the staffing industry, Tiffany is a force to be reckoned with.
Starting with a little capital and a leap of faith, she has spent the past two and a half decades building Dynamic from the ground up. Her incredible determination and reputation for not taking no for an answer have been instrumental in the success of the business. Tiffany has an uncanny ability to make what might seem impossible possible, and she approaches challenges like a buffalo charging towards a storm.


Brett VonKrakau

Senior Talent Acquisitions Manager
Brett is a powerhouse for the Dynamic Team with over 20 years of industry experience. The loyalty he shows to his team, and anyone he works with, have made him irreplaceable. He has been by the President's side since the beginning and has made his mark here in countless ways. His intensity and deep-rooted knowledge have helped drive the company's growth and he has played an instrumental role in the opening of new offices from Seattle to Southern California. Brett's secret weapon is his consistency, proving time and again his unwavering commitment to his clients on both sides of the search.

Delivering The Dynamic Experience... One placement at a time!

I have dealt with Tiffany's company on large and small scale projects that ranged from one or two personnel to over 200 personnel and have relied on Dynamic to provide the right people sometimes over night with simply a phone call. Her representatives are always top of the line, on time, intelligent and ready to work. Her recruiting skill are unsurpassed as she always find the right person for whatever my need may be. from entry level to general managers I have utilized her skills numerous times and have never been disappointed in the people she provided for any specialized project I was in charge of. Most of the representatives were repeat candidates that we called upon year after year. Tiffany is one of the hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure of relying on. She keeps a close hand on the heartbeat of our every needs and is a constantly innovating new ideas and procedures to make everything smooth, reliable and professional in every aspect of our involvement. I would never think of called upon anyone else but Tiffany and Dynamic placements for any staffing needs that arise.

Rick Green

Sr. Manager at Mimeo.com

I have worked with Tiffany and Dynamic Office and Accounting Solutions for years. Tiffany is meticulous with details, extremely organized and produces results whether you are looking for employment or looking for an employee. She has the talent to match the right people with the perfect organization. It doesn't matter if you are large corporation or a small business, she treats everyone the same and has the ability to provide the attention one needs to be successful.   I would highly recommend Tiffany and Dynamic Office Solutions for any type of business/employee match up. She absolutely knows how to make any individual or company successful.

Lara George

Photographer/Owner of Lara George Photography

Dynamic Office Solutions has been a resource we have relied on without fail for many years. The company brings tremendous energy, talent and dedicated focus to the process of providing solutions to our day-to-day business problems. Utilizing a well-developed and highly-structured approach; Dynamic's team tackles client needs with confidence, dedication and experience.
Knowing that Dynamic is available to our business in the busiest times of our work is a great relief to me as a business owner. Having a resource nearby that I know will provide me with the high standard of personnel I require allows me to focus on my clients needs and helps ensure the success of my business.


Owner, Facility Management

I'm impressed by the dedication you and your team have to helping people find jobs. If my experience is any indication, then you truly do help change peoples' lives. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Financial Industry

I have been very pleased with the outstanding service that Dynamic Office Solutions has provided our medical practice. Their attention to detail regarding all of the employees doesn't end once the contract is signed. They choose their employees wisely after much testing and screening, and if for any reason you are not satisfied, they will go the extra mile to help your business… I highly recommend this staffing agency over any others that are out there!

Kathleen Salter

Operations Director | Bay Area Retina Associate

Delivering The Dynamic Experience... One placement at a time!

I have partnered with Dynamic for many years, from the times I would contact them to fill open positions or talked with Tiffany Stuart as a friend. The Dynamic team is strategic in its outlook and practical in its application. Tiffany is tenacious, commands respect, and demonstrates charity. She is connected with, and supports, the local community. I highly recommend Dynamic.


Manager, Industria

I've worked with Dynamic for many years. Their business acumen is an example of what other companies should strive for.


Marva / Recruiting Manager Medical/Pediatric Hospitality

Tiffany Stuart runs one of the most dynamic and results driven recruitment staff that I have seen. Her team's attention to detail, creativity and amazing energy level made it an incredible working relationship. Dynamic will be the first call I make for my outsourced recruiting and staffing needs.



I just want to Thank You once again for placing me with such a wonderful company! You were right that they really treat their employees well.  The group of people I work with are also fun to work with and we get along well.  I have made a lot of process improvements for the department and have kept in contact with 3 other old co-workers who process DMV paperwork as well.  We help each other out.
When friends of mine or casual acquaintances state they are looking for employment I ALWAYS mention my experience with you.  You were a GREAT help.

Terri L. Balbi

DMV Coordinator

I have worked with Dynamic for many years. The company's business acumen, professional style, and consistent and reliable service has been a great attribute to the companies I have served. I highly recommend Dynamic as a business partner. Great working with your team!


Comcast & Childrens Hospital