Tiffany's All-Star References

“As long as I have known Tiffany, she has consistently been involved in charities, stepping up to the challenge, not only herself but with her company.”     

- David Casper, Oakland Raiders NFL Hall of Famer, Tight End 


“Over the years I’ve gotten to know Tiffany, personally and professionally. She gives back to the community with her time, energy and money. Everyone I know that has worked with her professionally has complemented her and I would encourage you to make Tiffany a part of your team.” 

- Tony La Russa, Manager White Sox, VP, Special Assistant Baseball Operations, Boston Red Sox, Founder Tony La Russa Animal Rescue Foundation / St. Louis Cardinals Manager / Oakland Athletics


“I have known Tiffany Stuart of Dynamic for many years and would recommend her and her company very highly since I know she would step up for any challenge. Tiffany is also very active in giving back to the community while attending many charitable events over the years. Tiffany is hard working and will go out of her way to make any task or event successful. “

- Ted Kwalick, SF 49ers / Oakland Raiders, Tight End 


“Tiffany has always displayed the utmost professionalism and genuine personality. I would highly recommend her for whatever she has set out to do, as I admire her dedication and work ethic.”

- Steven Sax, 5-Time All-Star, LA Dodgers, Second Baseman 


“I served on the Summit Bank Foundation Board with Tiffany for 9 years. Tiffany is very involved, does a great job and will do whatever it takes to make things happen. She is a positive person and has a good attitude towards everything she does.”

-The late Clem Daniels, Oakland Raiders Legend & MVP    


“I've known Tiffany for over 15 years, and she has demonstrated a tenacious work ethic while being extremely professional. I've seen dynamic solutions at multiple charity events, and they always add value to the community. If staffing were a game Tiffany would be the number one draft pick.”

-Josh Taves, Oakland Raiders/Carolina Panthers, Defensive End 


“I have known Tiffany Stuart of Dynamic for many years.  During my NFL career I have been involved and participated in numerous community programs and charity events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I have had the direct privilege in working with Tiffany in our efforts to make a positive difference in the community. Tiffany is organized, efficient, and extremely passionate in all of her endeavors.  She is deserving of the highest praise and will make a valued addition to any organization.”

- Barry Sims, Raiders/49ers, Offensive Lineman 


“I first met Tiffany when she served on the Executive Board for The Summit Foundation for Financial Literacy more than 14 years ago.  Tiffany is someone that truly cares about her reputation, how she conducts business, and about helping others.   Simply stated, Tiffany is aces in my book, a dynamic lady, phenomenal business owner, great parent, she has strong values and is both consistent and positive whether times are good, or they are not.   Definitely someone who is fiercely competitive and can be counted on!”  

-Johnny Olenchalk, Kansas City Chiefs  


“Tiffany is one of the most amazing, thoughtful, caring, generous and big-hearted people I have ever known.  I know a lot of people!  That is why her business career has been successful.”

-John Taylor, WFL, NFL & CFL & Founder, JT Never Give Up Foundation